bye bye Boston's progressive talk

Bob Nelson
Fri Dec 15 04:00:53 EST 2006

Ironically enough due to a solar storm or some other reason, you might
be able to
hear them surprisingly well at night for the next few nights. In fact
at 3:30 am I was
driving on Rt 128 in Peabody and 1200/1430 were coming in very well
(along with WTTT 1150, WTSN 1270 out of Dover NH, etc.). Anyway those who want
to hear the AAR talkers during these last few days will get a better
(night) signal
than usual, if that is indeed the reason.

I'd wonder if WRKO would be interested in Stephanie Miller for that
9-noon slot...

And yes there could be some smaller stations that might pick up one of the Jones

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