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HD radio is all in stereo. There is no h in Clear Channel's spelling of
Rumba, which sounds like the name of an alcoholic beverageba--the one that
the Andrews Sisters presumably mixed with Coca Colba.


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> I don't know how long this has been going on, but today (Thursday 12/14)
> I noticed a tremendous amount of IBOC hash just below and above WNNW-AM
> 800, Lawrence, MA.  It causes mild interference to the two Leicester-
> based AM's near Woostah, WCRN 830 and WVNE 760.  When I drove by the tower
> overlooking Route 93 in Andover, WCRN was completely obliterated not
> by splatter but by the signature hash IBOC AM's generate.  I don't
> yet have an HD radio, so I don't know whether WNNW is broadcasting
> in stereo...they installed a new transmitter last spring to
> boost their output to 3,000 watts...so maybe they're just activating
> an HD carrier because it's there.  WXKS-AM 1430 has been broadcasting
> in HD for months, so when they go  "Rhumba" they undoubtedly
> will be transmitting that format in HD or HD stereo.  It would
> appear that WNNW is taking this step to compete.
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