Christmas traditions on Boston radio

Dan Strassberg
Sun Dec 10 16:49:36 EST 2006

Probably way more than six but the radio receives FM as well as AM. Also all
of the transistors are part of a single IC made in China and are shipped to
a factory in China that puts the ICs onto pc boards made in China, puts the
boards into plastic cases also made in China, puts the radios into boxes
made in Bangladesh, and the boxes into cartons also made in Bangladesh. Then
the cartons go onto pallets that are put into containers that get shipped to
Walmart. Walmart then sends dollars to the Chinese company, which, we hope,
invests the profits in US Treasury bills. The last step is crucial. Without
it, the US economy collapses. Then the number of transistors becomes
irrelevant because we can no longer afford the radios. Merry Chistmas!


Dan Strassberg
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> In stock!  Buy!  Gift!  Keep the Xmas spirits!
> Oh - it also has Allan Sherman's "Twelve days of Christmas" with the olde
> Partridge in a Pear Tree updated to a six transistor radio.  I wonder how
> many transistors are in a typical cheap radio these days.

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