Christmas traditions on Boston radio

Michael E
Sun Dec 10 16:01:08 EST 2006

WBZ does a presentation of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve, voiced by 
news anchors, reporters, writers, editors, etc

>From: "Mark Watson" <>
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>Subject: Re: Christmas traditions on Boston radio
>Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 13:36:56 -0500
>  Adding to Bob Nelson's thread:
>   A tradition here in the Merrimack Valley back in the good old days of 
>the 70's & 80's : J.C. (Jim Camilli) would always play as the first 
>Christmas song on his Saturday night WLLH oldies show Thanksgiving weekend 
>(later Sunday only) Roy Orbison's "Pretty Paper". He also played some other 
>Christmas songs that I believe no one else played then or now, such as 
>"Little Becky's Christmas Wish" by Becky Lamb, which was released (judging 
>by the Warner Bros. orange record label) 1966, 67 or 68. A narration with a 
>little girl's wish to have her brother home from Vietnam for Christmas, and 
>"There Won't Be Any Snow" (Christmas In The Jungle) by Derek Roberts, 
>mid-60's Vietnam themed song on Roulette Records, Stan Freberg's "Green 
>Christmas" and Allan Sherman's "The Twelve Gifts of Christmas".
>   I also recall until WBZ went all news/talk in the early 90's, they would 
>play all Christmas music Christmas Eve night through Christmas day. Now 
>they remain with the regular news/talk format on Christmas.
>Mark Watson

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