KMOX DXing in Boston/New NEgland....

Dan Strassberg
Thu Dec 7 18:02:47 EST 2006

Check the distances. WBZ gets a few extra miles of good skywave to the west
because it's directional and, in effect, sends a 100-kW signal toward Ohio.
Columbus is about 650 miles west of WBZ, about 430 miles north of WSB, and
about 385 miles east of KMOX. KMOX is far enough away that you should be in
the region of pretty strong skywave. A good question is whether KMOX does
better in, say, western PA. It's possible.

KMOX is almost exactly 1000 miles from WBNW. Using the formulas for Class A
AM nighttime skywave coverage that the FCC started using in (I think) the
early 90s, that's kind of far to get a good nighttime signal. The protected
skywave service (0.5 mV/m 50% skywave) of nondirectional Class A AMs (all
but one of which in the US are 50 kW) now extends only a little more than
500 miles. For example, according to the FCC, the protected service areas of
670, 720, 780, and 890 in Chicago extend only about 20 or 30 miles east of
Buffalo NY. Hence we have CPs for 720 in DeWitt NY (Syracuse) and Claremont
NH and we have WAMG right here. Also, there's a 670 in Portsmouth VA.
Somehow, though, 780 seems to have escaped. All I know about in the
northeast are one or two Class Ds in Maine with nighttime flea power. Until
recently, however, there was 50 kW CKXX on 780 in Dartmouth (Halifax) NS.

Dan Strassberg
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> I travel to north central Ohio every now and then to see family and
> even out there, KMOX is one of the weaker 50K clear channel frequencies
> on the dial.  Even WBZ comes in cleaner and stronger than KMOX.  So do
> other distant stations like WSB/Atlanta.  Maybe their signal just isn't
> that loud and it can't penetrate as well through the noise floor like
> other stations.
> Dave Tomm
> "Mike Thomas"
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> >> Subject: KMOX DXing in Boston/New NEgland....
> >>
> >> Has anyone picked up KMOX here in the Boston area?
> >>
> >> I know WBNW is there......but if you get enough away
> >> from BNW...can anyone pick up KMOX with any regularity?
> >
> > I certainly hear them from time to time, but only on
> > nights with the strongest, most prevalent skywave
> > conditions, and even then it sounds distant and weak.
> >
> > EP
> >

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