WXKS-AM/WKOX-AM Ask For Votes On Programming

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Thu Dec 7 11:23:16 EST 2006

At 03:49 AM 12/7/2006, Bob Nelson wrote:
>Boston Herald article says that it most likely will go Spanish, AND there are
>ads out looking for sales staff for "Rumba 1200/1430". The article says the
>power boost should happen around August.

So you see, I was telling the truth when I said this is what I'd 
heard.  I still think the progressive format can work, but the way it 
needs to be done is with a combination of live and local hosts and 
the best of the national hosts-- Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller are 
both stable and profitable, thanks to the hard work of the folks at 
the Jones Radio Network, and while we may not see an all-progressive 
format in the market, it would make sense for some station to pick up 
a mainstream progressive talker like Schultz, who has some excellent 
25-54 numbers nationally and is in the top 10 despite being on some 
pretty crappy signals in a number of markets.  (Btw, lest I seem as 
if I am shilling for Ed, I barely know the guy.  I am talking as a 
consultant here-- of all the progressive hosts, he is the most 
moderate, has the most listeners, and understands that you need to be 
entertaining and not just "preach to the choir".)      

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