WXKS-AM/WKOX-AM Ask For Votes On Programming

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 15:24:43 EST 2006

Meanwhile at the bottom of an article about the Met Opera, today's Globe quotes
a Clear Channel honcho admitting that changes will come to 1200 and 1430 and
details will be released soon, as Air America will be "history"


I assume that means the prog talk format is totally gone though the
way it's worded it might mean (though I doubt it) that only AAR
programs are being dumped. If prog talk does indeed exit, you wonder
if the likes of Miller, Hartmann, and Schultz could find a home
WRKO or WTKK? (even if tape delayed)...or via a new owner for 1090 or 1510...?

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