Coverage - 99.5 vs. 102.5 which is "better"?

Eli Polonsky
Mon Dec 4 14:45:03 EST 2006

--- Aaron Read <> wrote:

> But that IF spacing is the reason why the FCC denied WBRS's
> attempts to become a Class A and still remain on 91.7FM.
> Having spoken with FCC officials, that was the only reason
> why they were denied on 91.7FM.
> I imagine it's possible that had the 91.7FM 100 watt move been
> tried today it might've been approved b/c engineers have access
> to far more accurate signal plotting software that just didn't
> exist back in the early 1980's.  So it's possible that software
> could've demonstrated the IF interference would've remained
> minimal.  

Perhaps the 102.5 RF issue could have been overcome today, but
you would have had to contend with the crafty Pat Montieth at
WUMB. Although Waltham and surrounding communities are outside
the protected first-adjacent coverage area of her main Quincy
transmitter at 91.9, she would have spared no expense fighting
you tooth and nail on many fronts, and even if she didn't have
a leg to stand on from a technical perspective, she would have
managed to prevail somehow, and have blocked your application.

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