Coverage - 99.5 vs. 102.5 which is "better"?

Ric Werme
Mon Dec 4 11:43:43 EST 2006

> If you drive into parts of NH, it's not uncommon to hear classical
> music on a 99.5...

True, as of late last week....

> doesn't NH Public Radio have a signal up there in Jackson?

And everywhere else!  From
# 88.3, Nashua, WEVS
# 89.1, Concord, WEVO
# 90.3, Nashua, WEVO
# 90.7, Keene, WEVN
# 91.3, Littleton, WEVO
# 91.3, Hanover, WEVH
# 97.3, Plymouth
# 99.5, Jackson, WEVJ
# 103.9, Portsmouth
# 104.3, Dover, WEVO
# 107.1, Gorham, WEVC

However, the only music programs they have are a few non-classical
programs mainly weekend nights.

WEVO has long had a repeater in Nashua, a year or two ago they managed to
find another frequency.  I thought they were going to shut down the first
repeater, but I guess not.  I'm not sure who benefits from them,
89.1 is usually the strongest signal on the highway in Nashua.

> As for WKLB: A week or two ago I was in Nashua/Derry/Windham NH and
> the 102.5 signal was pretty solid though of course once you get near
> the 102.3 in the Concord area
> you'd have some trouble picking them up but there's always WOKQ etc

One thing I would do was listen to WCRB 102.5 through the Hooksett tolls
between Manchester and Concord, then switch to WCNH-LPFM a few miles
later.  WCNH came on the air a couple years ago to bring classical
music back to Concord (a lot of WEVO supporters are still mad at them for
going essentially all-talk).  Unfortunately, WCNH braodcasts at 94.7,
one channel away from the 900 pound gorilla WHOM at 94.9.  WCNH's signal
gets lost by the time it gets to Penaook where I live, about 8-10 miles
from the transmitter.

See for more.  A lot of their programming
is from the "Beethoven Satellite Network", from WFMT in Chicago with
Peter Van de Graff, a fine name in radio interference! :-)

      -Ric Werme

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