Coverage - 99.5 vs. 102.5 which is "better"?

Eli Polonsky
Sun Dec 3 22:54:18 EST 2006

--- Scott Fybush <> wrote:

> (Oddly, I note that WCRB co-existed for many years with another
> Waltham station 10.8 MHz down the dial, WBRS at 91.7. I wonder
> if anyone near the Brandeis campus ever had trouble with WCRB
> reception as a result?)

Since WBRS has only ever been Class D and 102.5 is very strong
in that area due to proximity just a few miles line of sight to
Newton, I've never heard of anyone having trouble getting the
former WCRB there, and I've been in that area often myself.

However, WCRB is one of a number of issues that had always
prevented WBRS from being granted a power increase on 91.7.

Then they were forced to move to 100.1, but still as a Class
D. There were reportedly other internal issues over the years,
on and off-air violations, etc... that resulted in the FCC's
perception of WBRS not to be in the best of light, which is
unfortunate because, despite a prevalent level of amateurism
at times, there always have been some people doing quality
programming there as well.

> I believe WCRB would also be short-spaced to WCDJ 102.3
> in Truro if it moved to the Pru...

I was thinking of that too, but I wasn't sure. It's 340
watts, and I've heard that it may not even be on the air
at this time, or has been only sporadically. But, that
doesn't affect the fact that it would still be protected
as long as it's an active license.


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