And the flip has happened...

Scott Fybush
Fri Dec 1 17:15:33 EST 2006

Not being within listening range of either one, I got to experience the
Big Flip through the magic of streaming audio. WCRB's stream was
rock-solid, high quality, and very compatible with Firefox. WKLB's was
rebuffering on a regular basis, and forced me into IE (and to register for
their "Listener Club") to get it at all. Given the vagaries of Internet
"propagation," I didn't expect to hear both flips in perfect synch (I was
listening to WCRB on my desktop machine and WKLB on the laptop :-), but
both hit very close to each other at about 12:02 for me. It was,
obviously, impossible for me to tell when the actual frequency shifts
happened, since the streams followed the program source for each station,
but it was fun to be a part of the action from a distance, at least.

(And I downloaded Bob's audio of the over-the-air flips just before I
headed into WXXI for the afternoon...many, many thanks for that service!)


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