Coverage - 99.5 vs. 102.5 which is "better"?

Ric Werme
Fri Dec 1 13:23:30 EST 2006

The WKLB on-air folks sounded positively giddy at the increased
coverage they will get.  However, both transmitters have the same
effective power and the coverage maps at
show the same areal extent, as far as my eye can see.

The Needham transmitter certainly gets more people in Southern NE, but the
move to Lowell (and frequency change away from Concord NH's 102.3 station)
means _this_ listener now gets WCRB but not WKLB.  The first piece
played was the Hallelujah Chorus, good choice.

I can get 99.5 well enough in my office in mono on my venerable Sony
ICF-2010 which turns out to have a really crappy FM tuner.  My
Saturn's factory car radio is more sensitive!

It's nice to have a Classical station I can receive again, even if they
have a "Top-40" format.  :-)

WKLB changed to have a flash intro showing 99.5 morphing
into 102.5; WCRB essentially took down their web site a couple weeks

	 -Ric Werme

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