Herald: HD Radio Hot, Actual shows are not

Ron Bello RBello@BelloAssoc.com
Tue Aug 29 12:28:05 EDT 2006

Great idea.  Why not buy WCRN, build out the CP and then move WVEI to 830.
It would solve the lack of coverage in Metrowest.  I live just 4-5 
miles west of
WEEI's transmitter and can not listen to WEEI at night without extreme pain.

At 10:02 AM 8/29/2006, you wrote:
>Well, for WEEI, WCRN could be a factor. WEEI's and WCRN's daytime 5 mV/m
>contours are very close. If WEEI were to broadcast in IBOC during the day,
>the likelihood of serious interference to WCRN within WCRN's 5 mV/m contour
>would be quite high. If WCRN were to run IBOC during the day, the likelihood
>of serious interference to WEEI within WEEI's 5 mV/m contour would be even
>higher because WCRN is directionalized (more-or-less) toward WEEI during the
>day, whereas WEEI puts out only a minor lobe toward WCRN during the day. If
>WCRN ever were to build out its (now tolled, I'm told) CP for 50 kW-N, and
>if IBOC were permitted at night, and if WCRN used it, the interference from
>WCRN to WEEI would be even more severe than would the daytime interference.
>I think this situation is potentially serious enough that if WCRN were to
>run IBOC, Entercom might have no choice but to make Carter an offer for WCRN
>that Carter could not afford to refuse. Since WCRN is probably not making
>any money, I have no idea how large such an offer might have to be.
>Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
>eFax 707-215-6367

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