Herald: HD Radio Hot, Actual shows are not

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Tue Aug 29 12:24:03 EDT 2006

According to my sources, all of the interested members of the Carberry
(spelling?) family live quite close to Boston (places like Weston, for
example) and they want to listen to the station. If so, 830 is the only
Worcester AM signal that works for them--and it won't work all that well at
night unless/until the 50 kW night upgrade gets built. I don't know what the
actual signal strengths are, but during the day, 1310 seems to come in about
as well as 830 does where I live (Arlington Heights). This seeming anomaly
may be the result of the farther-west location of the 830 TX. At night,
neither signal is really listenable.

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> I'm actually surprised that Entercom hasn't figured out a way to buy
> this station already.  It would make sense.  They could simulcast WEEI
> on it, which would cover Central Mass much better than 1440.  They
> would even be able to carry the Red Sox games on 830, keeping the local
> sales money in house instead of affiliating with WTAG.  I know that
> Carter has resisted selling the station, but considering their
> programming/sales issues over the last several years, I would think he
> could be moved with the right offer.  Maybe a frequency swap with 1440
> and some cash considerations would do the trick....
> Dave Tomm
> "Mike Thomas"
> On Aug 29, 2006, at 10:02 AM, Dan Strassberg wrote:
> > Well, for WEEI, WCRN could be a factor. WEEI's and WCRN's daytime 5
> > mV/m
> > contours are very close. If WEEI were to broadcast in IBOC during the
> > day,
> > the likelihood of serious interference to WCRN within WCRN's 5 mV/m
> > contour
> > would be quite high. If WCRN were to run IBOC during the day, the
> > likelihood
> > of serious interference to WEEI within WEEI's 5 mV/m contour would be
> > even
> > higher because WCRN is directionalized (more-or-less) toward WEEI
> > during the
> > day, whereas WEEI puts out only a minor lobe toward WCRN during the
> > day. If
> > WCRN ever were to build out its (now tolled, I'm told) CP for 50 kW-N,
> > and
> > if IBOC were permitted at night, and if WCRN used it, the interference
> > from
> > WCRN to WEEI would be even more severe than would the daytime
> > interference.
> > I think this situation is potentially serious enough that if WCRN were
> > to
> > run IBOC, Entercom might have no choice but to make Carter an offer
> > for WCRN
> > that Carter could not afford to refuse. Since WCRN is probably not
> > making
> > any money, I have no idea how large such an offer might have to be.

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