Antenna array

Dan Strassberg
Sun Aug 13 22:09:08 EDT 2006

WBNW 1120, 5 kW-D (all four towers)/1 kW-N (three towers--the north tower is
not used at night) DA-2. The day pattern is a modified figure eight with
axis running west-northwest to east-southeast. Major protection is to 1110
in Salem NH. The night pattern is a modified cardioid directed due east.
Major protection is to KMOX. The towers are just under 200' high and hence
are not illuminated. The site is part of a Superfund hazardous-waste
site--possibly related to Nuclear Metals Corp, whose facility is not far
away across Route 62. The array was built in 1989. WBNW signed on (as WADN)
on 8/28/1989.

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> Does anyone here know anything about the antenna array which is situated
in the woods on the Acton-Concord line just west of the prison and north of
route 2?

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