A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Sun Aug 13 21:39:41 EDT 2006

I said awhile ago that if I tried to get WCRB on a Walkman, I'd 
report on how it went.  I tried.  It was difficult.  I had to set the 
Walkman for local reception, rather than DX reception.  And I had to 
turn the dial carefully and try several times before I found WCRB.  
The reception is fine, but it's hard to find, at least on an analog 
Walkman.  I assume it might be easier with a digital Walkman.

On a trip to Western Massachusetts today, I noted that the present 
WCRB signal reaches out to Worcester or thereabouts.  I think I 
remember once picking it up in Chicopee on my car radio.  So I tried 
the WKLB 99.5 signal.  I could hear that in Worcester, but not at a 
quality that most people would want to listen to.  I suppose that is 
the audience that WCRB will lose on 99.5.  Downtown Boston reception 
will probably be better without all the images that prevail at 102.5.

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