Howard Stern Over WMBR

Eli Polonsky
Thu Aug 10 14:57:17 EDT 2006

Todd Glickman stepped down a couple of years ago as president 
of WMBR's license holding board The Technology Broadcasting 
Corporation (which, as everything is at WMBR, is all-volunteer).

He was replaced by board member and former WMBR General
Manager, Technical Director and Chief Engineer (at different 
times) Henry Holtzman (MIT '91). Todd maintains a position on 
the board.

Henry is well aware of the problem due to listener interference 
complaints to WMBR as well as discussion of the problem in the
industry among other non-comm's at 88.1 nationwide, and he 
has been discussing the problem with the stations FCC attorney, 
however at this point his position is to wait and see what kind
of resolutions that more powerful agencies such as NPR work 
out about the problem, which is also affecting many of their 
stations which are also at 88.1 in other areas nationwide.

Also, my understanding is that the money from the Ted Turner
WTBS/WMBR deal in 1979 didn't actually result in all that much 
new equipment for the station at the time. It mainly resulted in
the new transmitter which enabled the power increase from 20
watts to 200 watts (now 720 watts), and replenishing operating
funds that were exhausted from the legal battle for approval for 
that power increase. The studios were still stuck with early 60's 
era homemade (mono) equipment. WMBR conducted it's first 
ever on-air pledge drive week in 1983, which since became an 
annual fall event. Listener donations from the fundraisers then
enabled studio upgrades and modernization later in the 1980's
(not to mention station-wide air conditioning, finally, in 2004).


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> Perhaps Technology Broadcasting Corporation President Todd 
> Glickman should negotiate restitution in the form of thousands 
> of dollars in new equipment, as in the TBS deal.

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