Gr. Media Press release

A. Joseph Ross
Wed Aug 2 00:28:38 EDT 2006

On 1 Aug 2006 at 14:35, Don A. wrote:

> Speculating...
> 1.)  Boston is the headquarters of Greater Media, they don't want to
> sow seeds of disconcert in their own back yard....possibly damaging
> the reputation of the other Boston stations in Gr. Media's portfolio?
> 2.) Smythe makes his home in Boston.  While he does his CEO
> hobbnobbing at all the mucky-muck coctail you think he or
> his family wants to be contantly asked, "Are you the guys that killed
> Classical music in Boston?"  He might not get invited to too many more
> cocktail parties.  ;-)
> 3.) Dealing with the Jones trust in as neat a way as possible.  (WCRB
> will now *continues* to program classical music in Boston as the trust
> stipulates, since Nassau bought the intellectual rights,'s
> simply now on 99.5.)
> 4.)  Maybe they learned their lesson when the killed the Clasical
> format in other cities.  The damage is measured in more than dollars
> and ratings. Also in reputation.

Any one of these makes sense.  And since I've always wondered about 
the Jones Trust and how that would go down, that could very easily be 
the main reason for it -- as well as the reason this deal has taken 
so long.

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