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Donald A. donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Tue Aug 1 21:43:12 EDT 2006

--- lglavin <lglavin@lycos.com> wrote:

If Mr. Smyth "hobnobs" with people of a certain level
of sophistication, he'll
find that nobody will miss WCRB...but if they live in
the 99.5 coverage area, 
they may hope (forlornly probably) that the absence of
Mario Mazzo and a new
management team will provide a better product.

I don't know who hobnobs with who.....Or what the
yardstick of "sophistication" is......

But a "better product" is a subjective designation.

If a product is judged by it's sucess, and how the
public responds to it....from what I can see, 350,000
people tuned in to WCRB in it's latest incarnation
during the Spring.

These are 350,000 who _liked_ the product.

350,000 people who would have to find alternatives is
WCRB went away completely.  

I think you'd be hard pressed to say that NONE of
those people would miss something that has been part
of their radio listening routine.

And broadcasting is all about getting as many people
to listen as possible, isn't it?

The proof is in the pudding...errr, ratings results. 



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