White Tower radio sponsor

Russ Butler songbook2@comcast.net
Tue Aug 1 22:27:29 EDT 2006

<<< "White Tower's Myoooz...ical Menu."....The sponsor was, of course, 
that chain of greasy little hamburger joints that, in those days, dotted 
the downtown areas of places like Albany, Troy, and even New York 
City>>>  ...and all over Boston!!

The burgers were made to order, they had 100% beef during WWII and they 
were delicious, not greasy :>) I bought them by the bagful - first they 
were 5-cents, then 10-cents and jumbo sized, 15-cents. 

They couldn't compare with White Castle which were greasy. Joe and 
Nemo's "everything for a dime" burgers in Scollay Square were neither 
beef nor un-greasy, the hot dogs were better and for a dime.  Eat 'em up!!

The dime reminds me of the Dugout across the street from BU that sold 
college folks draft beer for a dime.  Line 'em up on the bar and down 
they go!  Ah, memories of Beantown in the very early 50's. Anybody else 

=Russ Butler   songbook2@comcast.net

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