99.5 WCRB in Boston? Hardly

Stephanie Weil stephanie@gordsven.com
Tue Aug 1 15:05:10 EDT 2006

On Tue, August 1, 2006 14:35, Don A. wrote:

> 3.) Dealing with the Jones trust in as neat a way as possible.  (WCRB will
> now *continues* to program classical music in Boston as the trust
> stipulates, since Nassau bought the intellectual rights, etc......it's
> simply now on 99.5.)

Except 99.5 FM in Boston proper is non-existent on run-of-the-mill radios
(and I'm sure most high-end receivers too).  It gets wiped out by the
stations from the top of the Pru.

102.5, even though it had an antenna outside of the city, did put a solid
signal into Boston.  Enough to be able to tune it in on a Walkman.

If you can't hear it on a Walkman's tuner....I'm sorry, it's not there.

Stephanie Weil
New York City, NY, USA

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