Gr. Media Press release

Don A.
Tue Aug 1 14:35:21 EDT 2006

> On 1 Aug 2006 David Tomm wrote:
> > GM is not preserving the Classical format.  Nassau is.  Smyth is just
> > saying that it was important for GM to find a buyer who would preserve
> > classical.
>From: "A. Joseph Ross" <>
> That's a quibble.  According to their press release, they made an
> effort to preserve the classical format in Boston by looking for a
> buyer who would do so, instead of just looking for the most lucrative
> deal.  We had never previously had any indication that they cared
> enough even to do that, and I wondered what their motivation was.


1.)  Boston is the headquarters of Greater Media, they don't want to sow
seeds of disconcert in their own back yard....possibly damaging the
reputation of the other Boston stations in Gr. Media's portfolio?

2.) Smythe makes his home in Boston.  While he does his CEO hobbnobbing at
all the mucky-muck coctail you think he or his family wants to
be contantly asked, "Are you the guys that killed Classical music in
Boston?"  He might not get invited to too many more cocktail parties.  ;-)

3.) Dealing with the Jones trust in as neat a way as possible.  (WCRB will
now *continues* to program classical music in Boston as the trust
stipulates, since Nassau bought the intellectual rights,'s
simply now on 99.5.)

4.)  Maybe they learned their lesson when the killed the Clasical format in
other cities.  The damage is measured in more than dollars and ratings.
Also in reputation.


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