Gr. Media Press release

Dan Strassberg
Tue Aug 1 14:45:35 EDT 2006

Isn't classical already on an HD sub-channel of 96.9? If so, and if an HD
sub-channel really complies with the terms of the trust, it would seem that
Greater had already met the terms of the trust document. I think we can
therefore assume that Smyth's rather frenzied ($10M/year???) approach to
Emerson was a dead give-away that Greater had obtained legal opinions to the
contrary and that independent counsel concurred with those opinions.

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> >That's a quibble.  According to their press release, they made
> >an
> >effort to preserve the classical format in Boston by looking
> >for a
> >buyer who would do so, instead of just looking for the most
> >lucrative
> >deal.  We had never previously had any indication that they
> >cared
> >enough even to do that, and I wondered what their motivation
> >was.
> We did have indications of that before -- it was Greater Media
> that offered WERS $10 million per year to run classical. Part
> of that deal also may have involved a call-letter change,
> though I can't recall. I think Greater/Charles River were more
> concerned about trying to side-step any potential challenge of
> the trust agreement that allegedly called for classical to
> remain in place for 99 years after Ted Jones' death.
> Speaking of which ... there was no mention of placing classical
> music on 102.5's HD2 channel. Undoubtedly, 99.5's main channel
> would have a much wider reach, but placing classical on 102.5's
> HD2 channel also might help ward off legal challenges from
> those saying that 99.5's signal doesn't get into Boston very
> well.

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