Gr. Media Press release

David Tomm
Tue Aug 1 04:16:18 EDT 2006

>> "We worked very hard to identify a company that would protect the
>> classical music format in Boston," said Peter Smyth, Greater Media's
>> President & CEO. I am both happy and proud that classical music will
>> continue to have a home on the Boston airwaves. This is a great deal
>> for all three companies, and for Boston's radio listeners and
>> advertisers."
> This is the first I've heard that Greater Media was trying to
> preserve the classical format.  I wonder why.

GM is not preserving the Classical format.  Nassau is.  Smyth is just 
that it was important for GM to find a buyer who would preserve 

>> Charles River Broadcasting Company owns WCRB in Boston, WFCC and WKPE
>> on Cape Cod, WCRI and WCNX in Rhode Island, along with the World
>> Classical Network and various real estate holdings.  WCRB has been
>> broadcasting classical music in Boston since 1950.
> I wonder what will happen to the other Charles River Broadcasting
> properties.

I thought I remember seeing something on the 'net awhile back 
announcing that
Charles River had an agreement to sell their Rhode Island stations to a 
different entity.
In previous reports, not only was Nassau buying 99.5, but also the 
intellectual property
of WCRB, including the World Classical Network.  None of that was 
mentioned in today's
press release so who knows what the status of the network is.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nassau winds up buying the Cape Cod stations 
as well,
but if they do, they'll have to spin off one FM.  My guess would be one 
of the Frank frequencies
would go--most likely 93.5/Harwichport.  I would think Frank would then 
move to WKPE's
frequency and Nassau would do something else on 101.1.....

Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

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