Herald: WEEI hopes to retain some Sox presence

Aaron Read readaaron@friedbagels.com
Fri Apr 28 10:26:03 EDT 2006

3) In order to clear the cap, if Greater Media is still serious about
acquiring WCRB, they would have to sell at least 85% of the equity in
whichever station they spin, and would not be permitted to manage it
nor sell more than 15% of the spot time under a JSA.  The sort of
deals rumored to be under consideration do not appear to meet this
standard, which suggests that the Sox deal is independent of the 'CRB
deal -- but whatever happens with the Sox may have an impact on GM's
negotiating position with Charles River.

As a side note, many folks have suggested that if 92.9 becomes a sports 
talker, that it will take the calls "WSOX".  Unfortunately, Susquehanna 
already has WSOX on 96.1 Red Lion, PA.   Certainly "WBOS" still works 
pretty well as calls for a Red Sox-themed station, but methinks that the 
success of the format would incline GM to maintain the calls on a new 
frequency for the format (102.5 anyone?).

So what does that leave?  How about "WBRS" for "Boston Red Sox".  Nice, 
ehh? ;-)  Perhaps the kids at Brandeis could make a WTBS/WMBR/Ted Turner 
deal!!!  :-)


Aaron Read
Boston, MA 02176

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