Interesting radio sighting along the NY Thruway...

Matthew Osborne
Tue Apr 25 08:54:26 EDT 2006

On Tue, 25 Apr 2006 00:23:17 -0400 A. Joseph Ross

>Why did CHOI almost lose its license?  What happened?

To which Sid Schweiger replied: 

> Last I heard, CHOI's license is still in jeopardy. 
> They ran afoul of
> Canada's regulations on offensive material, after
> several warnings and a
> stiff fine in past years.

As I understand it, their morning show host (Jeff
Fillion??) ran several segments containing what is
considered "hate speech" in Canada [I think a number
of these segments were personal attacks on other
people].   After receiving several fines and official
judgements against them by the CRTC, last year the
CRTC revoked its license.  CHOI appealed, and at least
for the moment their license is safe on appeal.

                            Matt Osborne
                            Schenectady, NY 

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