Interesting radio sighting along the NY Thruway...

Dan Strassberg
Mon Apr 24 16:14:37 EDT 2006

I think wraps are also much less expensive than special paint jobs with lots
of lettering and are probably easier to change than are paint jobs when the
contract expires. I notice that, except in cases of fancy graphics, wraps
remain the exception on most medium and large trucks, but wraps were used on
the cars that a few radio stations "gave away" four or five years ago to
listeners who agreed to have their vehicles become rolling advertisements
for radio stations. I haven't seen a wrapped car in several years now,

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> More likely, they commissioned a "wrap" on a bus owned by some bus
> company or bus authority, and it's purely for advertising purposes.
> There are buses and Green Line trolleys here in Boston that are
> similarly wrapped for advertising purposes.  Turns the entire vehicle
> into a giant billboard for that product/service.
> j
> On 24 Apr 2006, at 14:14, Matthew Osborne wrote:
> > While traveling home from Poughkeepsie Saturday night
> > along the NYS Thruway, I stopped at a rest area and
> > noticed something interesting that didn't hit me right
> > away.  There was a bus stopped there that was
> > emblazoned with the 98.1 CHOI Radio X logo (CHOI
> > Quebec City, which nearly lost its broadcast license
> > recently) on both sides and the back.  At first, I was
> > quite surprised to see a bus from Quebec City so far
> > south into the US, much less from a radio station as
> > infamous as CHOI.  But then I got to thinking - does
> > CHOI actually own their own bus for concert trips and
> > whatnot??  I would think they might be renting it, but
> > the graphics on the bus seemed a bit too high quality
> > for a bus that someone does not own outright.  Is this
> > a common practice for stations in major markets owning
> > their own buses like this, or am I losing my mind.
> > Also, what makes this even more interesting is that
> > Quebec City, IIRC, is *not* considered one of the
> > major broadcast markets in Canada, so if CHOI does, in
> > fact, own their own bus, their station revenues must
> > be absolutely astronomical.
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