Interesting radio sighting along the NY Thruway...

John Francini
Mon Apr 24 15:11:45 EDT 2006

More likely, they commissioned a "wrap" on a bus owned by some bus  
company or bus authority, and it's purely for advertising purposes.

There are buses and Green Line trolleys here in Boston that are  
similarly wrapped for advertising purposes.  Turns the entire vehicle  
into a giant billboard for that product/service.


On 24 Apr 2006, at 14:14, Matthew Osborne wrote:

> While traveling home from Poughkeepsie Saturday night
> along the NYS Thruway, I stopped at a rest area and
> noticed something interesting that didn't hit me right
> away.  There was a bus stopped there that was
> emblazoned with the 98.1 CHOI Radio X logo (CHOI
> Quebec City, which nearly lost its broadcast license
> recently) on both sides and the back.  At first, I was
> quite surprised to see a bus from Quebec City so far
> south into the US, much less from a radio station as
> infamous as CHOI.  But then I got to thinking - does
> CHOI actually own their own bus for concert trips and
> whatnot??  I would think they might be renting it, but
> the graphics on the bus seemed a bit too high quality
> for a bus that someone does not own outright.  Is this
> a common practice for stations in major markets owning
> their own buses like this, or am I losing my mind.
> Also, what makes this even more interesting is that
> Quebec City, IIRC, is *not* considered one of the
> major broadcast markets in Canada, so if CHOI does, in
> fact, own their own bus, their station revenues must
> be absolutely astronomical.
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>                               Schenectady, NY
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