Radio-Info hostile takeover; new site launching Sunday

Dan Strassberg
Sun Apr 23 15:01:22 EDT 2006

Either is up only fitfully or it is being selective about
whom it allows in. I read your message here and tried to access the site. I
cannot. An earlier attempt elicited a message that said maintenenace was
being conducted and told me to try again later (where later was not
defined). My latest four attempts did not elicit any message--just a stalled
progress bar, that, on one occasion, turned--after a long wait--into a
404--Not found page.

Dan Strassberg,
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> > I was replying to a post on radio-info about the future of the Red Sox
> > rights/WBOS, etc.
> > (as in, "if Entercom moved WEEI to 93.7 FM, maybe they could keep the
> > Sox?") but my post wouldn't show up, and I quickly found that
> > radio-info wasn't working. A few moments later I logged in and the new
> > board showed up, with posts going up to April 20th and instructions
> > for members to reapply but with a different password. Tried to do this
> > but couldn't get the confirmation email to show up.
> >
> I just posted an item using my long-time ID without any problems...
> it seems to be working a skosh faster.   I checked Northern New England
> New York City and everything appears to be the same.
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