most important talk show hosts
Thu Apr 20 05:16:30 EDT 2006

Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 5:44 pm
Subject: Re: Re: most important talk show hosts

> I put it on two boards-- ours and the board.  And I 
> thought one of us BRI folks mentioned Stern.  I am glad somebody 
> recalled Bob Raleigh, and I am still trying to assess if Larry 
> Glick was considered just local or if people in other cities know 
> him.  And so far, yes Rush Limbaugh is the most mentioned, but 
> Howard was mentioned, Larry King, Jerry Williams and Art Bell have 
> been talked about.  Old timers recall Herb Jepko, Wally Phillips, 
> and somebody else I can't recall-- I am not at my desk right now.  
> But thanks to everyone who replied.    

did we mention Benzaquin and/or Jessup?  and Peter Mead did a good job 
of turning a radio gig into a career.

- -Chuck Igo

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