most important talk show hosts

Aaron Read
Wed Apr 19 15:32:10 EDT 2006

Steve Ordinetz wrote:
> Like him or not, Stern definitely belongs on any list of important talk
> hosts, if for no other reason than for proving that syndicated programming
> can not only work, but win in AM drive...something many said couldn't be
> done.  As to whether he'll acheive the kind of success on Sirius that he
> did on terrestrial radio is still unanswered.  Didn't he go on a long rant
> recently about how "disappointed" he was that so few listeners followed
> him to satellite?

I think the low "follow" count of Stern listeners going to Sirius is 
more indicative of how fuzzy the numbers are that Arbitron comes up 
with.  Meaning that his "10 to 12 million" listeners on AM & FM might 
really have been a lot less than that.

Sirius, on the other hand, can tell exactly how many new subscriptions 
there are and it's a logical assumption that the vast majority of the 
new subscriptions over the past six months are either Stern fans or are 
people who got interested in Sirius because of all the press coverage 
around Stern.

Of course, the biggest price gap in the world is between free and one 
penny.  So Stern had to expect a massive dropoff in listenership.  Hell, 
to still have over a million listeners is pretty damn good, though.


Aaron Read
Boston, MA 02176

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