most important talk show hosts

Steve Ordinetz
Wed Apr 19 14:04:38 EDT 2006

Aaron Read wrote...
> C'mon guys, nobody's mentioned Howard Stern the King of All Media??  Who
> got his start in Boston, no less.   Howard's had a gigantic impact on
> the talk radio genre, not only amassing a disgustingly huge
> audience...but dragging a sizable percentage of that audience to
> satellite radio.   Whether it was enough is up in the air, but it's
> certainly dropped a giant bomb on the whole AM & FM industry.

This thread is going on several boards...I think he was mentioned on one
of the other ones.

Like him or not, Stern definitely belongs on any list of important talk
hosts, if for no other reason than for proving that syndicated programming
can not only work, but win in AM drive...something many said couldn't be
done.  As to whether he'll acheive the kind of success on Sirius that he
did on terrestrial radio is still unanswered.  Didn't he go on a long rant
recently about how "disappointed" he was that so few listeners followed
him to satellite?

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