most important talk show hosts

Donna Halper
Mon Apr 17 17:20:03 EDT 2006

Folks, this is NOT an ideological question.  I've been asked to do a 
journal article (this is for an academic journal) about the most 
influential talk show hosts (past or present).  I don't care about their 
politics-- this isn't about their politics.  It's about their influence, 
their following, how they changed the genre.  So, who do you consider to be 
the most important, most worthy of being remembered for their impact on 
talk radio?  They can be right wing, left wing, secular, religious, you 
tell me, but just give me one-- or two at most, and your reason for 
choosing the person(s).  Your opinions are appreciated, and I don't need to 
quote you unless you want to be quoted.

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