Stations "podcasting"?

Bob Nelson
Wed Apr 12 14:23:33 EDT 2006

I'm not sure--probably just to put mp3 files

On 4/12/06, Cooper Fox <> wrote:
> What is required to do a "pod-cast"?  Is it possible
> to simply post an MP3 on a station's site, or is there
> some special change that needs to be done?

I don't know, but it probably is something like putting mp3 files on a
site. When I did
my 25th Anniversary show, I put sections of it on the WMWM site for download
(still up, for now at least)..segments of just under an hour, or
sometimes about 80 min.
People could either click on them and hear them right away on their computer or
save the file which could then be sent to an Ipod/mp3 player; burned
on a CD, etc.

Shows like public radio's "Whad Ya Know" will have podcasts where they divide
the 2-hour show into four half hour segments for download.

Some talk shows, like Hannity, offer free _live_ streaming of the
shows, and will
offer podcasts of same for a fee ("Hannity Insider")

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