(Fwd) Re: Boston Globe Item on WERS LMA Proposal

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Tue Apr 11 00:55:35 EDT 2006

On 9 Apr 2006 at 18:08, David Allan Boucher wrote:

> You would know better than I Joe, but wouldn't you assume that the
> Trust (either the Trustee....or the disagreeing beneficiaries), be
> the ones to challenge the actions of the trust?
> Since the trust is set up to benifit the benificiaries.....who else
> but they can challenge it?

Depending on what it says in the trust documents, it's possible that
the heirs of Ted Jones could challenge it.  If they wanted to.

For certain charitable trusts, the state attorney general might be
able to challenge it.  But I doubt that's the case here.

So does anyone have time to drop in to WCRB and ask to see the public

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