Boston Globe Item on WERS LMA Proposal

A. Joseph Ross
Tue Apr 11 00:55:35 EDT 2006

On 9 Apr 2006 at 16:14, R Trovato wrote:

> Aren't the stockholders the ones who are deciding to sell it?
> I would think our resident list attorney would be able to shed some
> light on how trusts can be upheld.

Probably one of the beneficiaries of the trust could bring suit to 
enforce the terms of the trust.  Exactly who the beneficiaries are 
and how the trust is structured, I don't know.  

> I am thinking of the recent decision by the owners of 104.9 to flip
> the flromat from the intent of the sale agreement with SImon Geller.

I haven't heard there was any trust or other legal requirement 
involved.  The original purchaser, Woody or Doug Tanger (I forget
which it was), promised Geller to keep the classical programming, and
he did for some time.  But without some legal document that Geller's
heirs can enforce, there's nothing to be done.  Not like the Ted 
trust, which supposedly was designed to keep WCRB classical.

> (BTW...Do you think anyone at 104.9 is sorry the pulled the plug on
> classical?  If they had onbly waited, they would have the format to
> themselves.)

Probably not.  They still have a signal that doesn't get into Boston. 

 In fact, I think it gets into Boston even less than it did before
they increased power but installed a directional antenna aimed away
from Boston.

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