Boston Globe Item on WERS LMA Proposal

Scott Fybush
Sun Apr 9 13:59:24 EDT 2006

> One of the other interesting people on the CRBC board, by the way, is
> Herb McCord, who is also on the board of Beasley Broadcast Group, the
> licensee of WRCA.  The name should ring a bell for another reason,
> though: McCord was head honcho of Granum Communications, which owned
> WBOS and the then WOAZ (99.5 Lowell), now in Greater Media's hands by
> way of Infinity.  According to his bio, prior to starting Granum,
> McCord was Group VP for radio at Greater Media.  He was also once PD
> of WCBS-FM.

McCord was brought on to the board a year or so ago, IIRC, for the 
specific purpose of preparing the stations to be sold.

I wonder when he was PD of WCBS-FM? The station is renowned for having 
had only two PDs during its 1972-2005 oldies tenure, neither of whom was 
McCord, so he must have been there during its struggling pre-1972 era.


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