A Note for CC Boston Engineering

Cooper Fox fox893@yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 14:04:07 EDT 2006

> Actually Cooper, I know for a fact that this
> practice
> is very much commonplace today.  In fact, its not
> just
> restricted to CHRs either - a lot of Hot ACs,
> straight
> up ACs, country stations, and quite likely more do
> this.  My former employer, WBEE-FM in Rochester NY,
> AFAIK still does this.  All of their music is sped
> up
> 3 percent (as high as the Denon CD Cart Players in
> the
> studio can go), and they've been doing this for

Well, I guess I stand corrected....  Ya learn
something new everyday.

Now, where/when did pitching songs up start?

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