WWZN Reception in Schenectady, NY

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Thu Sep 29 18:51:00 EDT 2005

At 03:31 PM 9/29/2005 -0700, Matthew Osborne wrote:
>Anybody know if WWZN is running a non-directional
>signal this evening (9/29/2005)?  On the way home from
>work, I had a weak but very clear and listenable
>signal from AM 1510 The Zone (and I don't imagine
>there's any other stations with a sports format on AM
>1510 anywhere near here that calls themselves 'The

They make it in to Rochester on occasion, too, usually right around sunset. 
They're actually not as limited to the west (especially during their day 
and CH patterns) as some of the other Boston AMs are.


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