MLB playoffs to air on ESPN 890, 1400

Bob Nelson
Thu Sep 29 02:29:54 EDT 2005

Boston Radio Watch says all major league baseball playoffs will be on ESPN
890 and 1400--well, if the Red Sox do manage to get in via division title
or wildcard, certainly Joe and Jerry will do those games on WEEI, too.

(a bit of a problem at my workplace where I can't pick up either station,
890 or 1400, where I sort mail, but they should come in in the lunchroom, etc.
And those afternoon games in the first round, 4 pm starts, will be on the
ESPN affiliates (and also, I'm guessing, on 900 in Nashua, and perhaps on
WSKO 790 in Providence, though they may go with local talk.)

The tradition, btw, is for the Dreaded and Despised Yankees to get the 8 pm

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