WRKO lets Blute go

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Tue Sep 27 06:06:00 EDT 2005

Mark Laurence wrote:

> Granted, I don't agree with the aggressive  right wing views he 
> adopted, but he's just not persuasive or  perceptive on the 
> issues-of-the-day stuff.  It's not only me - the  Internet websites 
> and discussion boards which used to be full of  rabid Phil Hendrie 
> fans have dwindled to almost nothing.
> Recently I think Phil has tried to tone down the politics and get  
> back to his creative multiple-personality roots.  It's a step in the  
> right direction but he has not returned to peak form yet.

WXZO (96.7 Willsboro/Burlington) stopped running Hendrie on delay at 7 
pm and moved him to live at 10 p last year. Since that time, my 
listening has all but stopped due to my schedule, etc.  I agree that the 
show began to have universes collide. While he's entertaining when he 
spoofs on radio, when he shifts gears and does serious radio it creates 
a whiplash effect, a buzz-kill.  I have suspected that even some of 
Hendries' disgruntled, unknowing callers are plants but it's hard to 
tell.  Still, a live show at 10 pm that is more likely than not to be 
inventive sets it apart from a landscape of one show show prep feeding 
the next.

Bill O'Neill

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