My TV ...

Bob Nelson
Tue Sep 27 01:31:06 EDT 2005

He's still there, isn't he? Al Kaprelian I think. As for Tony's volume
problem, I got the C.
Crane catalog recently and noticed they have an mini FM transmitter
that should work on any device with a headphone jack (but old TVs may
not have one)--and the description
mentioned someone had bought one of the these and uses it for the problem of
TV volume. Just re-broadcast the audio signal with it and use either a Walkman
or mini-boombox, and turn the volume up and down on _that_... (same
device being used
by people to play their Ipods via their car stereo)

On 9/27/05, Steve West <> wrote:
> So, who was that wacky weatherman they had on the old WNDS TV50 back years
> ago?  I remember his sqeaky voice and strange tie but forgot his name...
> damn old age LOL

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