Channel 50 Derry's New News has no sports segment!

John Bolduc
Mon Sep 26 20:11:40 EDT 2005

I just got done watching WZMY Channel 50's (Derry NH) MyTVNow News at
7:30pm. I either blinked, or there just was outright no sports coverage at
all. There certainly was no sports anchor on the set.

Early in the program, one of the anchors microphones had an annoying
crackling sound, in two different exchanges.

Preceded by a buildup at the end of MyTvNow (news), at 8pm The "Ellen"
Show came on. The intro and more was great video, but, the audio was
nothing but loud white noise.

My mood now fits the weather, gloomy! 
Not a good start.

John B
Dreary NH

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