WHDH Blows Off NBC Golf For Hurricane Rita Coverage

Daniel Billings billings@suscom-maine.net
Sat Sep 24 18:41:36 EDT 2005

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Subject: WHDH Blows Off NBC Golf For Hurricane Rita Coverage

>  It appears that WHDH (Channel 7 Boston) has chosen to carry coverage of 
> Hurricane Rita instead of picking up NBC's all day coverage of a golf 
> tournament that started at 9 AM today. WHDH was showing CNN's coverage 
> until approx. 11 AM, then after a brief update from a local WHDH anchor, 
> switched to MSNBC coverage. I'm not a golf fan, and a major disaster such 
> as this (2nd major hurricane in less than a month to hit the U.S.) is 
> worthy of extensive coverage, but I'm sure there are a few golf fans that 
> may have called WHDH's switchboard wondering  "where's the golf" ?

What percentage of their audience doesn't already have access to CNN's 
coverage via cable?

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