Boston Herald Reports Imus A Short-timer on 969 FM Talk

Bill O'Neill
Mon Sep 12 07:17:10 EDT 2005

Daniel Billings wrote:

> I am a regular Imus listener but I never listen when he is on 
> vacation.  I can see why is schedule is a problem for a station.

Are there no other Boston signals that would consider Imus?  I'd not 
rule out the fact that Stern is gone soon won't give Imus a reprieve 
somewhere in the market.  I know he's not near the 'BCN demo, but he 
would go well with a country audience as well as classic rocker.

I, too, don't listen when Imus is away. I think it is telling that he 
hasn't bred talent to cover for him in the big chair. Certainly McCord, 
McGuirk, etc. could make it work for someone with actual talent. There 
are enough regular guests, pundits, and support personalities in the mix 
to make for a far better show than woefully dated segments about issues 
long (thankfully) gone.

Bill O'Neill

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