Antennas for over the air 8-VSB reception

Scott Fybush
Sun Sep 11 21:24:55 EDT 2005

>Actually, reception on all (VHF and UHF) of the
>Helderberg TV stations is almost perfect here (except
>for the really low power UHF signals, which suffers
>from snowy video).  The only station I have any
>multipath issues at all with is WNYT (channel 13),
>which transmits from Bald Mountain east of Troy.  But
>their DT signal is from the Helderbergs, so I'm
>guessing that problem will be eliminated once the DT
>conversion is complete.

Sounds like you ought to be in great shape, then!

I just got a DTV tuner a few days ago (Radio Shack is clearing out their 
standalone DTV set-top box for $89, if you can still find one!), and I can 
get my locals (from less than a mile away :-) with a paper clip and 
Buffalo/Syracuse with the rooftop antenna...


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