Antennas for over the air 8-VSB reception

Matthew Osborne
Sun Sep 11 15:56:41 EDT 2005

Okay, another question for everyone, this one more on
topic (I know I'm just full of them today ;)  Anyway,
in the next week or two, my girlfriend and I plan on
buying a new DTV-compatible set for our living room. 
This set will have an over the air 8-VSB tuner, which
I do plan on attaching an antenna to.  As far as the
antenna is concerned, should I buy any special kind of
antenna, like the "souped up DTV indoor antennas" sold
at places like Best Buy, or should standard rabbit
ears with the UHF loop antenna do the trick?  Keep in
mind that I live in Schenectady, maybe 10 air miles
from the Helderberg Mtn transmit site for pretty much
all of the DTV signals in this market.

                                 Matt Osborne
                                 Schenectady, NY

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