Television sets and Toasters

Scott Fybush
Sun Sep 11 14:14:27 EDT 2005

At 11:00 AM 9/11/2005 -0700, Matthew Osborne wrote:
>Apologies as this may be a bit off topic, but here's a
>question for everyone here.  My girlfriend and I are
>currently setting up our new apartment, and for the
>kitchen we bought a stand that we plan on doubling up
>as a TV stand and toaster stand.  Now we want to put
>the toaster on the shelf below the TV, which leads me
>to this question - does anyone know if having an
>electric toaster so close to the TV will damage the TV
>at all.  If this is deemed too far off topic, please
>respond to this email off list

On an electronic level, you might get some interference to off-the-air TV 
signals (especially low-band VHF) from the toaster when it's in use. That 
wouldn't damage the set - just an annoyance.

But I would be concerned about heat from the toaster reaching the bottom of 
the TV set. Could be a fire hazard (melting plastic?), and it wouldn't be 
good for the electronics, either...


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