FCC Annual Report 1965 - Education TV Underwriting

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> I remember it, as a kid in the early 60's. Public TV was, in general,
> much more basic and stripped down back then, and some of the daytime
> programming was actually educational enough in nature that the grade
> school I went to used to occasionally wheel out their old 21" 1950's
> tube sets on rolling carts and have the class watch WGBH-TV programs.

My school did that too.  As a matter of fact, when our "grade" was gathered
in the "all-purpose room" at my elementary school during the late 1960's,
we sometimes had to wait for the program to begin.  While we waited, there
was nothing on the TV but a slide that said something like "Massachusetts
Educational Television"; I would assume this time would now be filled with
underwriting announcements.  

Paul Connors

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