WXKS-AM Starts IBOC Transmission

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Thu Sep 1 00:21:14 EDT 2005

On 31 Aug 2005 at 13:28, Laurence Glavin wrote:

> I don't know exactly when they started, but WXKS-AM 1430 has begun
> broadcasting in IBOC HD (Stereo?).  The sound quality of WXKS-AM
> itself remains about the same (not true of WBZ-AM or WMKI-AM) but hash
> can be heard over WVEI-AM 1440 Worcester and WNBP-AM 1450 in
> Newburyport.  This means that someone living half-way between
> Wellington Circle, Medford and Ferry St. Salisbury, MA...let's say in,
> um, oh I don't know, Rowley, yeah that's it...who could previously
> expect to pick up WNBP unencumbered may now have to listen to it
> through IBOC hash.

Clearly the FCC doesn't care much about how stations sound, and neither do the people who 
manufacture analog radios.  They're allowing ever more interference with everything these 

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